Benefits of Music Education – At Any Age!!

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There is a wonderful African expression that says “If you can talk, you can dance… If you can walk, you can dance!!” I have played music for most of my life – mainly as a self-taught lover of great songs.  Anyhow, it is possible for anyone to learn some form of musical expression – which includes dancing, whistling, humming and almost anything else that lets out the music in your head and heart.  This short list describes the benefits of formal education – particularly as it applies to children Continue Reading Benefits of Music Education – At Any Age!!…


Can Music Make Us Happy?

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Research has shown that music can be an important therapy for a number of conditions.  However, we also believe that music can promote happiness and harmony – regardless of whatever ails a person.  This story (published in a UK newspaper) describes an innovative conference sponsored by the Wellcome Trust in London.  This particular session was titled “Exploring the Rhythms of Life”.  Sure sounds great.  Wish I could have been there.  Leave some comments about what songs or types of music make you feel happy? Continue Reading Can Music Make Us Happy?…

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