Sound, Stress and Healing by Steven Halpern

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I remember very clearly the first time I ‘became’ the music-no longer a ‘me’ playing the music, only ‘music being played.’ Skiers and dancers know the feeling-when you’re so in tune with the energy of the moment that you lose yourself totally in the experience.  My breakthrough came early in my career, during the first day on campus at the University of Buffalo. I always carried my trumpet with me in those days, since I was passionate about jazz. A jam session was going on in the Student Union building, with the hottest faculty and professional musicians cooking up a storm in the John Coltrane high-energy dimensions. I was invited to sit in. Continue Reading Sound, Stress and Healing by Steven Halpern…


The Powerful Role of Music in Society

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Music and society have always been intimately related. Music reflects and creates social conditions – including the factors that either facilitate or impede social change. The development of recording techniques in the latter half of the 20th century has revolutionized the extent to which most people have access to music. All kinds of music are available to most people, 24 hours a day, at the touch of a switch. The down side of this easy availability of music in the Western world is that there is a tendency for it to be taken for granted. Continue Reading The Powerful Role of Music in Society…

How to Choose Healing Music by Kay Gardner

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How is it that some music can lift our spirits? And how is it that other music can make us nervous and irritable, even physically ill? What is the power in music that can alter listeners on all level – body, mind and spirit?  When listening to our favorite music, most of us don’t break it down into its basic elements; we usually just hear and feel the total effect of the sounds. But music is subtly touching us in many ways precisely because of its different elements, and if we have some understanding of what music is made up of and how it touches us, we can more intelligently choose (or create) music with healing potential.
Continue Reading How to Choose Healing Music by Kay Gardner…

Sound as Light Waves By Iasos

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For any healing modality, healing is not creating something new, but merely realigning the body to its own already-existing Divine blue-print. There are innumerable ways to do this, and using sound is one potent way.  How is it that Sound can Heal?  Primarily thorough Physical Resonance and Emotional Resonance.  Physical Resonance – results from the vibrating air “shaking up” the molecules and causing the energy systems to synchronize with itself into “standing waves” which, out of random chaos produce order, symmetry, coherency, and stability. Hans Jenny with his study of Cymatics shows innumerable photographs of beautifully symmetric shapes, formed by random powders vibrating on a surface that is vibrating with sound. Continue Reading Sound as Light Waves By Iasos…

Nine Insights on Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman

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Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation. Yet there is today a growing reemergence of interest in this field of sound healing with many different thoughts and ideas about the effects of sonics and their use as a transformative energy. many of the major questions about sound healing are still unanswered. The following thoughts are just my own and may not be based upon the reality of anyone else. They may, however, prove to be useful insights and considerations for others. Continue Reading Nine Insights on Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman…

Benefits of Music Education – At Any Age!!

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There is a wonderful African expression that says “If you can talk, you can dance… If you can walk, you can dance!!” I have played music for most of my life – mainly as a self-taught lover of great songs.  Anyhow, it is possible for anyone to learn some form of musical expression – which includes dancing, whistling, humming and almost anything else that lets out the music in your head and heart.  This short list describes the benefits of formal education – particularly as it applies to children Continue Reading Benefits of Music Education – At Any Age!!…

Can Music Make Us Happy?

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Research has shown that music can be an important therapy for a number of conditions.  However, we also believe that music can promote happiness and harmony – regardless of whatever ails a person.  This story (published in a UK newspaper) describes an innovative conference sponsored by the Wellcome Trust in London.  This particular session was titled “Exploring the Rhythms of Life”.  Sure sounds great.  Wish I could have been there.  Leave some comments about what songs or types of music make you feel happy? Continue Reading Can Music Make Us Happy?…

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